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your ultimate solution for turbocharged cleaning power! This high-performance assembly features a RL57 gun with a 3/8"BSPF inlet, ensuring seamless connectivity and reliable operation. The 1200mm straight lance, constructed from stainless steel for durability, provides extended reach and stability in tough cleaning environments. Equipped with a UR60 rotating head, it delivers powerful and precise cleaning performance with its high-pressure capabilities. With a working pressure ranging from 180 to 500 Bar and a working flow ranging from 6.2 to 28 Lpm, this assembly offers versatility to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks. Rated for temperatures up to 90°C, it's suitable for various hot water applications. Say goodbye to challenging cleaning tasks and hello to effortless cleanliness with the 500 Bar Turbo Lance Assembly!

500 Bar Turbo Lance Assembly

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